UPDATE: WA Police Officers Supreme Court Challenge – A Win & Loss For The Freedom Team.

Yesterday (Thursday 3rd Feb) Justice Allanson handed down his judgement re expert evidence and discovery (disclosure). 

It was a win and loss for the freedom team – Justice Allanson denied the ability for Falconer to use an expert witness. However Justice Allanson did order the discovery of all documents pertaining to the CHO’s decision making for mandating vaccines and also the Commissioner’s decision making for intenrally mandating the jabs. 

Irrespective of the court case, the employees involved and the community deserve to see the documentation (or lack therefore?) that assisted the CHO and CoP in deciding to mandate the jabs. It’s a shame that it takes a Supreme Court case to be able to see these documents…. 

As for the expert witness – it is important to note that the Falconer case is NOT challenging the “science” behind the efficacy or safety of the jabs (this was done in NSW – Kassam vs Hazzard and failed). Instead the Falconer case seeks to challenge the principle of proportionality and precautionary principle which the CHO is bound by legislation to consider when determining directions.

So although an expert witness would have no doubt assisted team freedom, the need for discovery being ordered was far more pertinent. 

You can find the judgements here 👇


The trial which is scheduled 29-31 March. 

Stay strong, keep leading with integrity and hold the line.

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