Learn About The Stand Up & Vote Initiative – Currently Looking For Volunteers

We cannot sit around and wait for someone to get our jobs back, or to stop this nightmare for us. The only person who can do that is US!

If we do not fight to win back our country through the next Federal Election, we may as well kiss our country and our freedoms good bye.

An initiative called Stand Up And Vote as been launched.

The goal is to educate the Australian public on how to vote to get the outcome we need. We are NOT a political party.

But we know from talking to the parties who want to restore freedoms, that they need our help.

Stand Up And Vote needs YOUR help!

Volunteers are needed to lead teams, people on the ground to join our army of volunteers for manning polling booths and pre-polling booths.  People to conduct research, and fundraise for this cause.

This is not the time for lethargy..THIS IS THE TIME TO FIGHT.

If you think you can contribute you in any way. Please jump onto the website and fill in the volunteer form.


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