REPOST: The TRUTH about mRNA COVID shots by George Christensen


You won’t hear this from the media or politicians, but the jabs are killing people.

George Christensen | June 6, 2022


Dear readers,

This is the first edition of the daily Nation First newsletter, and we are leading with a bang.

There is one issue that you can’t talk about it in either politics or journalism without being censored, side-lined or labelled a conspiracy theorist, and that is that the mRNA jabs are causing deaths. But we are going there because the hard truth needs to be told on this issue.

Recently, a talented 19-year-old University of Massachusetts student-athlete, with no history of illness, was reported to have died ‘unexpectedly.’ No medical reason was shared relating to his death.

However, as with so many other ‘unexpected’ deaths lately, it had something to do with the mRNA COVID treatment.

Last year, as the COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ campaign was in full sway, big tech and media giants tried their best to bury reports of jab-related deaths, justifying it as part of controlling the spread of so-called ‘misinformation.’

Yet the truth slips through from time to time.

We know that a healthy 26-year old New Zealand man died following his first dose of Pfizer. This followed a report of another New Zealander, this time a woman, dying from Pfizer; her age was not reported by the media.

More recently, a family grieved the demise of their 24-year old who died following his second shot, again of the mRNA variety.

Earlier this year, Nation First publicised the death of Australian girl Caitlin Gotze, which her mother — and the plain evidence — shows was directly attributable to the Pfizer shot. (Despite this, Caitlin’s mother was told by authorities to expert her death to be listed as ‘unknown cause’).

Toowoomba resident Caitlin Gotze sadly died shortly after receiving a Pfizer shot.

A 37-year-old mother of two died from medical complications following her shot. Twitter went on to label her obituary as ‘misleading.’

These cases are just a miniscule glance at the large and growing number of seemingly healthy individuals dying from the experimental mRNA gene therapy that authorities are claiming to be a vaccine.

But you will seldom hear about these deaths because of big tech and the fake news mainstream media attempting to quickly cover them up whenever they can.

The so-called ‘experts’ would argue that while taking the vaccine presents a ‘minimal’ risk of death, it is still preferable to dying from COVID-19.

But if that is the case, a growing percentage of COVID-19-related deaths wouldn’t be among the already vaccinated.

As a matter of fact, if a recent medical report from the UK has anything to tell, the number of vaccinated dying from COVID actually outnumbers the unvaccinated.

But, as mass psychosis continues to grip the so-called expert class, one epidemiologist claimed that this “data should not be interpreted as vaccines not working,” and suggested taking another booster shot.

With such responses, the big pharm money-go-round will continue and the general populace will end up as pin cushions for treatments with no long-term safety data that are only provisionally or emergency-use approved.

The experts should either admit the mRNA treatments don’t work or, if they do, their effect only lasts for a few months.

Regardless, it is the opinion of Nation First that the risk associated with mRNA shots just isn’t worth it when there are widespread and growing reports of associated deaths and serious adverse events.

Speaking of which, the [mis]information presented within the mainstream media is that vaccine-related side effects tend to be mild and last only for a few days at best.

But if that is so, why have there been people dying from it?

It is the opinion of many censored physicians that the mRNA COVID-19 shots have a risk of producing an adverse autoimmune reaction within the body, possibly leading to a whole host of medical complications and even death.

Furthermore, the mRNA shots have also been linked with the risk of developing myositis, which is an inflammation of the muscles that can go on to affect a person’s skin, heart, and lungs.

And then there also the gene-editing aspect of mRNA, the real severity of which is likely to surface further in the future [e.g., increased rates of cancer].

Yet, nothing of this is being covered, and indeed deliberately being hidden, by government, health bureaucrats and the mainstream media.



COVID-19 has been used by those in power as a means of control.

The real reason is control. This ‘war’ on COVID-19 has actually been a war on our liberty.


The forced jabs and mandates, the lockdowns, the increased censorship, and the implementation of many other authoritarian measures were all done to curb our freedoms.

And now people are paying the cost of it, literally with their lives.

What are your thoughts? Do you know of any deaths or serious injuries from the mRNA COVID-19 shots? Do you disagree and think the mRNA shots are worth it? If so, let the Nation First community of readers know.


George Christensen is a former Australian politician, a Christian, freedom lover, conservative, blogger, podcaster, journalist and theologian. He has been feted by the Epoch Times as a “champion of human rights” and his writings have been praised by Infowars’ Alex Jones as “excellent and informative”.

George believes Nation First will be an essential part of the ongoing fight for freedom:

The time is now for every proud patriot to step to the fore and fight for our freedom, sovereignty and way of life. Information is a key tool in any battle and the Nation First newsletter will be a valuable tool in the battle for the future of the West.

— George Christensen.

Find more about George at his website.



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