Vote For Freedom – Become a TAP Street Rep

What is the role of a TAP Street Rep?

The Australia Project (TAP) is not a political party and is fast becoming Australia’s largest lobby group supporting all TAP aligned Independent Freedom Candidates (IFC). This means that the Independent Freedom Candidates (IFC) have agreed to the “How to Vote for Freedom” strategy which is ensuring they vote independents before Liberals (3rd last), Labor (2nd last) and Greens (last).

TAP is doing this, and will continue to initiate campaigns, that both unify our objective for freedom, and fight for our unalienable rights. A TAP Street Rep (“TSR”) supports IFC that also choose to vote in the same manner as the example How to Vote Card:

image showing an example of how to vote for freedom in Australia.

By joining as a TSR, you are agreeing to deliver freedom material to letter boxes in your street, (or additional streets if you choose), for IFC’s who are running in your electorate, and who are on the side of the Australian people, and who will protect our children and grandchildren of their rights, interests and freedoms.

When you register as a TSR you will see that there are other opportunities where you might also be able to assist the IFC in your electorate with more tasks and duties as required. Check out the list by clicking the How to become a TAP Street Rep for Freedom button here.

You will be able to download the IFC’s material from the TAP website and if you have any queries and there will be ongoing information and instructions provided.

Time is of the essence and we need many boots on the ground and fingers on the phones so let’s get TAP, TAP TAPPING and share this app and get your community involved in order to help us…..

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