Pauline Hanson

Australian Senator
Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson is well known in Australia for speaking her mind and calling out the government in the face of adversity.  A strong leader and member of Parliament, Senator Pauline Hanson believes in “my body, my choice”, and on October 21st 2021 the One Nation leader introduced the COVID-19 Vaccination Status (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill 2021 into the Senate.

In her words…

Australians who stand for their right to choose vaccination are just like any other Australians.
They are doctors, nurses and paramedics caring for our health.
They are police officers enforcing law and keeping us safe.
They are soldiers, sailors and aviators defending our sovereignty.
They are people who work alongside us in an office, in a factory, at a mine, on a farm or in a shop.
They are volunteers helping their communities.
They are people in line with us at Centrelink, and they are people sitting next to us in corporate boardrooms.
They are people who live next door, down the street, across town and interstate.
They are people born here and overseas, indigenous and non-indigenous, men and women, adults and children.
They are our people.
They are our fellow citizens.
They are Australians just like you and me, with families and mortgages and worries and hopes and dreams.

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